Kate Bernadette Benedict

Welcome to the home page of Kate Bernadette Benedict, poet, and editor/publisher of three online journals (listed and linked on the right).

Kate’s full-length collection of poems, Here from Away, published in 2003. A second volume, In Company, published in late 2011.

Her poetry has been appearing in literary magazines and anthologies since 1980.

Kate has served as a moderator at Eratosphere, the on-line poetry forum. A native New Yorker, she lives in New York City.

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Earn and Prosper; Spend and Get

Kate’s A List: Good Deals, Pecuniary Opportunities
Kate’s Faves Get the Haiku Treatment
Swell Stuff Emporium

Poem of the Moment

After Long Days at the Nursing Home, I Return to the Office

Kate’s Collections of Poetry

In Company
Here from Away

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Special Features

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